Will everyone be able to use the field and playground?

The field surfacing can be easily damaged by traditional cleats and therefore will be reserved for Challenger teams and partner agencies/programs. The pavilion and playground will be available for the entire community.  If you are interested in renting the facility as a local agency or program – please visit the Field Reservations page to make a field reservation.

Who maintains the facilities?

The Town of Webster has generously agreed to provide resources to maintain the grounds, conduct general maintenance and clean the restrooms, as it does for its other athletic fields, parks and the Recreation Center.

Why are volunteers needed for Challenger Baseball? 

Volunteers play a critical role in creating a safe environment.  In baseball, Challenger leagues utilize “buddies” who assist the athletes in the areas of batting, base running and defense, as needed. This relationship is a very rewarding experience for everyone involved: Challenger players enjoy the thrill of participation, and their buddies experience first-hand the challenges these individuals face in their daily lives.  We always look for other volunteers to help with Challenger Soccer, and Challenger Bowling as well as all of our Miracle Field Activities. To inquire about volunteer activity please visit the Volunteer page.

Is there a Challenger team in my town? 

To find out more about a specific Challenger Baseball program in your area, please contact Ron Kampff at  ebaxnzc40@lnubb.pbz

Who do I contact if I want to help or learn more? 

We’d be delighted to talk with you about getting involved. Please contact us here.

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