About Challenger Miracle Field

Imagine a place where we focus on what makes us alike, not what makes us different. A place where joy and laughter fill the air; where kids and adults play together; where everyone belongs. That place is Challenger Miracle Field of Greater Rochester.

What started as a simple idea – giving kids and adults with disabilities the opportunity to play America’s favorite pastime together – has grown into a dream. A dream of building a field and play space like no other in our community.

“We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike”

– Maya Angelou
Accessible baseball field

Our Mission

Challenger Miracle Field of Greater Rochester provides people with developmental, physical or intellectual disabilities a barrier-free, safe, accessible place to experience the health benefits and joy of play through baseball, other team sports, and adaptive recreational equipment.

Our Vision

Challenger Miracle Field of Greater Rochester will be the leader in creating a community of inclusion for children and adults of all abilities.

Our Values


We believe play is healthy and essential for maintaining social well being, to facilitate connections, and is essential to a healthy lifestyle.


We value diversity of people and abilities–and believe that through differences, we can encourage increased self-confidence, positive relationships and physical fitness.


We encourage and enthusiastically pursue partnerships to ensure meaningful and regular recreation and volunteer opportunities for people of all abilities.


We model the highest levels of respect and inclusiveness in all we do.

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