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P1020812Imagine a place where we focus on what makes us alike, not how we are different. A place where joy and laughter fills the air, where kids and adults play together, and where everyone belongs.

That’s what Challenger Miracle Field of Greater Rochester is all about. What started as a simple idea – giving kids and adults with disabilities the opportunity to play America’s favorite pastime – has grown into a dream of building a field and play space like no other in our community.

Challenger Miracle Field, specifically designed for individuals with physical and/or cognitive challenges, is made with a rubberized surface that is fully wheelchair accessible. Bases and pitching mounds are painted onto the surface so that there are no raised obstacles and the dugouts are enlarged to accommodate wheelchairs and other apparatus.

The Play with Possibilities Playground – the only one of its kind in Monroe County – will allow typically developing children to play alongside those with disabilities with full accessibility and sensory benefits to create a truly inclusive, ADA-approved play space. All kids will be able to participate in elevated and ground-level play, with ramps, transfer points, and sensory-rich play opportunities throughout so that the play space is friendly to all children and parents as well as other caregivers, such as grandparents and service animals.

Adjacent to the field will be a pavilion, fully accessible ADA-compliant restrooms and concession stands. The entire complex will be centrally located in the northeast part of Monroe County at the Ridge Park Athletic Complex at 1000 Ridge Road in Webster, adjacent to Webster Town Hall, and less than one mile from New York State Route 104. The facility is accessible via public transportation and para-transit lines.

The enthusiasm and determination of dedicated volunteers, community leaders, coaches and families are dreaming big and need your help to make this a reality. Check out the many ways you can get involved.