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Challenger Baseball World Series takes over Frontier Field

More than 300 kids from all over the area took over Frontier Field, for the "Challenger Baseball World Series." The game brings children who are physically or mentally challenged together. All the players are between four and eighteen years old, and both girls and boys are allowed to play.
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Challenger Miracle Field

Supporters of Challenger Baseball are working to construct a "Miracle Field" in Webster. Ron Kampff, who is helping lead the charge, and wheelchair athlete Joe Slaski discussed the initiative Friday on News 8 at Sunrise.
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Challenger Baseball is What Sport Should be About

Brendan O’Riordan inherited a love of baseball from his father. So it wasn’t surprising that when he was just knee-high to a Louisville Slugger he became a bat boy for the Fairport Little League team his big brother played on and his dad coached.
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