3rd Annual Fete Celebration 2019

Billy with a ball signed by Dan Mason, Rochester Red Wings GM and Honorary Chair of Challenger Miracle Field, from our 2018 2nd Annual Fete.


Imagine a place where we focus on what makes us alike, not how we are different. A place where joy and laughter fills the air, where kids and adults play together, and where everyone belongs.

That’s what Challenger Miracle Field of Greater Rochester is all about. What started as a simple idea – giving kids and adults with disabilities the opportunity to play America’s favorite pastime – has grown into a completed field and pavilion, and a dream of building a playground and play space like no other in our community.


Join honorary chair Kirstyn Smith for our 3rd annual festive celebration as we turn challenges into possibilities.

Join us Friday May 17 from 6:00p.m.-10:00p.m. at Arbor at the Port, located at the Port of Rochester.

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